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toms llama adventures

2010-01-28 11:11:07 by tomsuckedmyshlong

its a new series to come on newgrounds, everyone should vote 5 otherwise i will send michael jacksons ghost onto them, just prey your not under 18!!!


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2010-01-28 11:21:10


tomsuckedmyshlong responds:

yay indeed


2010-01-28 12:44:22

ah shit
i'm under eighteen

tomsuckedmyshlong responds:

my game got on, there will be no raping, so your safe


2010-01-28 20:59:54

Thanks for the blam points :D

tomsuckedmyshlong responds:

thanks for free access to your anus


2010-01-28 21:10:01



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Submitted: 01/28/2010 | 08:51PM EST

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Genre: Comedy - Original

Under Judgment (117 views)

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This makes poop look good.

Nothing too new or interesting.

Not bad. In fact... I like it!

This Flash is crunk, fo' shizzle!

Woot!!! All my 5 R belong to this!


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tomsuckedmyshlong responds:

hooray for random nonsense